Chaithanya Masterpieces are the product of their visionary, Mr. B.C. Prasad, Chairman who has pioneered the real estate development business at Whitefield, Bengaluru. Chaithanya creates living spaces that are not limited by walls of bricks and mortar among other clichés lies the heart of Chaithanya in each of its masterpieces. One that is crafted by the acclaimed professional hands of an artist.

The baton of leadership has now been passed on to the hands of his son, Mr. Guru Prasad (MD), for whom God is in details. Perfection has a deeper meaning for him than what is captured in lexicons. His progressive and innovative vision together with global sensibilities guide the organization.
At Chaithanya, they take great pride in their creations. Built with passion and precision. And designed to deliver perfection. No detail is too small nor any vision too big. With superior craftsmanship, creativity and extensive planning, every home they design becomes a true reflection of everything that Chaithanya stands for. From the master plan to the concrete that forms the foundations of the structures that define them. Artfully done. Like a fine painting. And their customers are their constant inspiration, challenging them to outdo and outbuild even themselves every time. What results are masterpieces, living spaces that imbibe the character of the customer combing his individual needs and lifestyle into transcendent living. Planned, crafted, and created with engineering excellence to constantly delight. Every Chaithanya project has a unique feature that reinforces science in everyday lives. Be it the amenities that stand out and make a space for themselves or the incorporation of life sciences that support utility and comfort.

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Chaitanya Samarth

Thoughtfully crafted 3 and 4 bedroom independent villas. A community of 163 families and 36 acres of beautiful landscape cautiously away from the noise, but just about close to prime locations, near Budigere crossroads, Bangalore