North Bangalore

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Bengaluru is without doubt one of the most attractive real estate investment hubs in the entire country. Few cities are as prolific in drawing, retaining and offering a sense of permanence as does Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India. The pleasant weather all-year round, coupled with abundant greenery and state-of the-art infrastructure, has made the city a veritable magnet for MNCs and startups, and has in turn fueled the growth of the real estate market here.

The future of real estate in South India – North Bengaluru, is more than a destination for investors and end-users alike, with mammoth public-private partnership preparing towards a future-ready micro-market. Now substantially more than a powerful IT corridor, the city’s requirements for quality housing, commercial business districts, a sustainable lifestyle and access to domestic and international travel are gradually being answered out by the large private-public partnerships being forged in North Bengaluru, towards defining infrastructural robustness, transit and business corridors and Grade-A, quality, residential housing.

The other landlocked zones of the city necessitate a gradual mass migration towards one of the few remnant large, decongested land banks with access to domestic and international transit.


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