They believe that good design makes people happy. This simple, yet humble truth wasn’t something they learnt overnight. Rewind back to 1987. Bhartiya Group had just started designing leather apparel and accessories for the fashion conscious. A tough market to crack, it wasn’t long before the chicest designs from their studios in Milan were being adapted by brands like Hugo Boss, Armani, Zara and Mango. From designer bags to well-cut jackets, their team had an eye for detail and a talent for beautiful design.

With a newly found fashion-tycoon status, Bhartiya’s founder, Snehdeep Aggarwal was fortunate enough to travel to the world’s finest cities. It’s what caught his eye on the streets of Munich, Florence and London that became the inspiration behind the Bhartiya vision. Cities where people cycled to work safely and even the common man could afford a home. This wasn’t like life back home, but why couldn’t it be?

Conventions questioned and inspiration in hand, Snehdeep returned to India with a plan. A big plan. In fact, it was a 125-acre city plan capable of offering a whole new way of life. Bhartiya City was born. The Bhartiya team is formed of the world’s freshest thinking urban planners and the most exclusive architects on the international scene. They include Perkins Eastman-New York, Cox-Sydney, BDP Khandekar-Amsterdam for master planning, Broadway Malayan-Singapore for residential, retail and hotels and Edifice-Mumbai for the IT Park, amongst many others

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Key Projects of Bhartiya city

Nikoo Homes

In the four long years that we took to conjure up a Nikoo home, we discovered scores of truths that pertain to human happiness and better living. Two of them, we’d like to share. Everyone speaks of the tangibles, very few are sensitive to the intangibles. Cinema Pods, Italian Kitchens and Infinity pools.

Leela Residences

It will be a rare occasion to have to introduce The Leela to one acquainted with luxury living. Underlying every facet of the experience is our constantly evolving idea of luxury, gleaned over the years. It is our pleasure to bring this knowledge over from the hotels that have been rated as the finest, to your homes in Bhartiya City.