We at Ajmera have created a place and an opportunity to defy your expectations in every way. Here is where you remember what you want, what you thought was impossible. The address of Ajmera Lugaano is strategically chosen to ensure you are never far from wherever you wish to go. From malls to theatres, schools to hospitals. Even the airport is within your reach. Yelahanka emerges in North Bangalore to become the cutting edge of a city chasing the world. And Ajmera arrives on this stage with decades of experience in projects that change perspectives. The project situated opposite, 105 acre greens allows unrestricted views with no development to obstruct the sight of such beautiful scenery. We underst and you desire the perfect fit is. Understanding your needs has led us to create a size and configuration that suits you and your family. Prepare to be surprised by stunning 1 & 2 bed apartments where your space finally matches your wants. Here is where you live beyond what you think you can get, and experience the ‘more’.

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